UMIIMU  (You am I. I am you.) is a production company which specializes in creating conscious media ( commercial / public service announcement / narrative / episodic documentary / short form documentary / crowdsource or social media pitch ) for companies and organizations that embody the new paradigm.
Consciousness is what we’re all about. We help businesses find their passion and express it, making memorable and successful media campaigns that make you stand out.Conscious businesses understand the triple bottom line of planet, people, and then profit, and how their goods and services can contribute to creating a better world.We believe in leading by example. We do our best work because we can believe in you, and what you do.


We do all inclusive projects from concept development to final delivery. The steps:







UMIIMU is a lean, responsive production company that can accommodate your unique content needs with a fast turnaround time. We engage with you via phone and the internet, with virtual Skype calls to establish a business-client relationship. In this way we can minimize costs and maximize your time and ours.
Drop us a line and explain what you need and the scope of your project. We’ll follow up with a virtual Skype meeting so we can meet and find out the essence of your business and how best to communicate it to the world.
From these conversations we will write up a project brief that outlines the project we have agreed upon and the creative direction we have discussed. We will then write up a treatment for your video which outlines the vision, the production logistics and the estimated cost.
UMIIMU works with a network of professional media makers to make your vision a reality. Depending on the scale of the agreed video, we may engage professional actors and production crew, all working to make the best video  while keeping costs competitive.
We serve three tiers of clients who share a connection to new paradigm, consciousness and conscious business:
  • Startups, and small businesses / entities. We understand the start up ethos and the visionary quest to make the world a better place. We’re excited to work with startups that have a unique idea or product, and to help you bring that to market at a price that you can afford, with an edge that stands out from the crowd. We also work with individuals, cultural creatives, and small-to-medium-businesses. Contact us to see where you fit.
  • Established businesses.  Many established businesses have more capital to invest in their product to leverage this into a video that can compete in the global infosphere. We can craft a cutting-edge video and create a campaign to maximize your message, while still bringing our vision of conscious business to play and helping your brand evolve.
  • Corporations and NGOs. The fresh, new paradigm vision we bring to our projects can lend itself to established corporations and NGOs that have the budget for large scale campaigns and the resources for maximum rollout. Together we can re-engineer or establish your brand  to better fit in the new global marketplace and the minds of conscious consumers.
We don’t just shoot videos, we make stories that matter to engage and inspire audiences. We make videos that people will talk about and remember. 
We look forward to working with you in birthing a vision that will be successful commercially–and creatively inspire the hearts and minds of all those who see it.


Rak Razam (Concept & Creative Writing)
Rak is a world leading ‘experiential’ journalist and documentary filmmaker, writing about and helping shape the emergence of a new cultural paradigm in the 21st century.
Niles Heckman (Concept & Creative Direction)
Niles is a multidisciplinary award winning artist & filmmaker with a background in Hollywood who always aims to create content of substance with high production values.


Drop us a line at & and explain what you need and the scope of your project. We’ll follow up with a virtual Skype meeting so we can meet and find out the essence of your business and how best to communicate it to the world.